A Guide to the Combat Skills in the God of War

Finally, the much-awaited version of the God of war is here bringing to life the next chapter of Kratos, the main character. The combat of this version is not as frenetic as the last versions in the series of the God of war; this version requires more care and tactics. The latest God of war makes essential alterations to the combat of the franchise.

The game has tougher enemies as you progress, some of them need to be outsmarted rather than being outpowered. To be a great player, you have a lot of things to learn in this version. From developing combos to choosing the best armor to fight with and playing along Kratos’ son, Atreus.

For the people who haven’t tried out the game yet, this article will take you through some of the combat skills.

The freezing throw

When you begin the game, the only ranged attack you will get for the Leviathan Axe is the freezing throw. However, even if you successfully progress, the freezing throw will still remain an essential attack for your combat. This attack is ideal for ceasing your enemies or stunning bigger enemies. In some parts of this game, you will depend on this attack to help you defeat enemies like stone ancients and soul easter.

The block break

In playing this game, acquiring the skill of block break will help you a lot. When you continue going up the levels and discover the several realism, you will find yourself meeting with tougher enemies who have shields. The block break skill is the quickest and easiest way to fight the enemies. When you pick up the skill, you should press L1 twice so that you can break the shields of the enemies.

The Cleave of the Executioner

The executioner’s cleave is a combat skill which is exceptionally essential to combat and can be very helpful in fighting with the tough enemies. You will need some few seconds to charge up. If you keep your timing well, you can get a chance to take out other bigger armors in a short time. If you want to ease your way in fighting the enemies, it is recommended that you learn this skill early enough in the game.

The teamwork

You will get a chance to play with Atreus, the son of Kratos. He is not as good at combat at the beginning of the game; however that does not make the combination of father and son any less useful. During tough times in this game, you will need the help of Atreus, and the only way this will be able is through unlocking the skill of teamwork. The skill of teamwork comes in handy in very tricky situations.

God of War: Best Skills to Learn First

The skill of acrobatics

During the combat, later on, Atreus gets the ability to climb to the back of the enemies and immediately strangling them. This skill makes the enemies to be distracted helping Kratos to go for the kill. By unlocking the skill of acrobatic, you give Atreus a chance to know how to make a combo attack with his father.


The latest version of God of war is so far the best of the series of the game. With the introduction of Kratos’ son, the storyline of the game gets more interesting.

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