A Guide to the Combat Skills in the God of War

Finally, the much-awaited version of the God of war is here bringing to life the next chapter of Kratos, the main character. The combat of this version is not as frenetic as the last versions in the series of the God of war; this version requires more care and tactics. The latest God of war makes essential alterations to the combat of the franchise.

The game has tougher enemies as you progress, some of them need to be outsmarted rather than being outpowered. To be a great player, you have a lot of things to learn in this version. From developing combos to choosing the best armor to fight with and playing along Kratos’ son, Atreus.

For the people who haven’t tried out the game yet, this article will take you through some of the combat skills.

The freezing throw

When you begin the game, the only ranged attack you will get for the Leviathan Axe is the freezing throw. However, even if you successfully progress, the freezing throw will still remain an essential attack for your combat. This attack is ideal for ceasing your enemies or stunning bigger enemies. In some parts of this game, you will depend on this attack to help you defeat enemies like stone ancients and soul easter.

The block break

In playing this game, acquiring the skill of block break will help you a lot. When you continue going up the levels and discover the several realism, you will find yourself meeting with tougher enemies who have shields. The block break skill is the quickest and easiest way to fight the enemies. When you pick up the skill, you should press L1 twice so that you can break the shields of the enemies.

The Cleave of the Executioner

The executioner’s cleave is a combat skill which is exceptionally essential to combat and can be very helpful in fighting with the tough enemies. You will need some few seconds to charge up. If you keep your timing well, you can get a chance to take out other bigger armors in a short time. If you want to ease your way in fighting the enemies, it is recommended that you learn this skill early enough in the game.

The teamwork

You will get a chance to play with Atreus, the son of Kratos. He is not as good at combat at the beginning of the game; however that does not make the combination of father and son any less useful. During tough times in this game, you will need the help of Atreus, and the only way this will be able is through unlocking the skill of teamwork. The skill of teamwork comes in handy in very tricky situations.

God of War: Best Skills to Learn First

The skill of acrobatics

During the combat, later on, Atreus gets the ability to climb to the back of the enemies and immediately strangling them. This skill makes the enemies to be distracted helping Kratos to go for the kill. By unlocking the skill of acrobatic, you give Atreus a chance to know how to make a combo attack with his father.


The latest version of God of war is so far the best of the series of the game. With the introduction of Kratos’ son, the storyline of the game gets more interesting.

How to Effectively Play Monster Hunter World

When playing the Monster Hunter World, the most key action is to fight. Therefore, it is useful to understand some strategies to win. With the straightforward Monster Hunter, World Combat Guide described below; you will understand and find the game fun. The procedures are proven and help to fight once and not repeatedly.

Monster Hunter World Combat Guide

Knowing the Monsters

The essential thing is knowing about the monsters. Understand the types, behaviors, and method of imposing diseases on the monsters. The small ones are always dangerous and have a habit of accompanying the big beasts. When appearing as a group, managing them is hard. During the High-Rank Expeditions, the Tempered Monsters unlocks from their pathways.

As human beings behave, so do the monsters; they go around in different means. For instance, some are diggers, swimmers, and flyers. So make sure you are armed appropriately to whichever style they appear to you. The attack comes from any direction.

Hunt for the monsters

Look for the hideouts or the pathways and chase after them. The perfect leads arise from gathering scout flies or some evident trails. However, be ready anytime for the giant Monster can attack. Begin the combat with the most comfortable weapons until it weakens with the unusual moves and combos.

Check the flaw areas

The minute you track a monster, look for the weaknesses. It is identifiable whenever you attack, and a specific color realized as you play. For example purple, shows resistance to damage in that body part, and orange shows weakness.

Handle the injuries

Take caution to prevent any damages on you by either dodging or hindering the attacks. You can also try to hurt the monster by either using poison, blast, set-up, stun, sleeping or paralyzing. Always have in mind that you also stand a chance to get hurt as you continue with the run. Look for a way of recovering once attacked and avoid running into the group of monsters.

Monsters attack with stamina and halts to recuperate another damage when hit. Before it reaches the Rage Mode, you need to act without giving a chance to gets hard to handle. You can set up a trap as it tries to run to recover from the nests.


The outlined Monster Hunter World Combat Guide details different techniques to strike. Understanding and implementing the proper method saves you a lot from the Monster. You need to understand all the types of monsters and the best way to fight back.

It is essential to know the cutting-edge means like applying portions, weapons and always replenishing. Your health, like the monsters, matters most.

To get the High Rank, you need to apply the proper weapons till you destroy the monster. The game gets boring when the monsters get to your way, before heading for the combat, understand how to attack before you are injured. Interfere with the plans and chase with your weapon. The tips are suitable whether a beginner or an expert played for a while, you need to test your skills.

The Coolest PlayStation 4 Accessories for Every Gamer

If you are an avid gamer or you simply want to enjoy a surreal gaming experience, few consoles come close to what the PS4 and the PS4 pro can do. However, if you are looking for an enhanced and more convenient experience, there are some PS4 accessories from different manufacturers that will transform everything. For 2018, here are the best accessories for your PS4 console.

Kootek cooling and charging stand

If you have played games on any device, be it a mobile phone or a computer, then you are well aware that one of the biggest challenges is the overheating of the devices which is caused by the intensive workload when running the graphics. The story is no different for the PS4. However, this cooling stand from Kootek solves everything. It features a cooling fan for your console so as to keep the temperature low enough to prevent any lagging.

Additionally, it has six additional USB ports for improved connectivity and a charging dock for two Play Station controllers. This is easily the best accessory that you can get for your PS4. The price is also surprisingly low meaning that any gamer can easily get one for their device.

AmazonBasics 10 feet USB cables

One of the biggest disadvantages of owning a PS4 is the lackluster battery life of the controllers. They seem to always run out of charge just as you are beginning to enjoy your game. The cheapest and easiest solution is to get one of these 10 feet long USB charging cables from Amazon.

The length gives you the convenience of playing from anywhere in the room as long as you are 10 feet away from a power source. While there are other 10 feet cables out there, the reputation of Amazon and their products gives you the assurance of great quality and durability. At less than 10 bucks, everyone can afford to get one of these.

Razer Raiju PS4 controller

If you are an X-Box fan but you own a PS4, then this is a match made in heaven. This controller from Razer has been built to look and feel like an X-Box controller while still having the buttons and controls in the regular positions. A good number of professional gamers prefer using this controller due to the shape and design that allows for quick touches to the controls. If you are looking for a better deal, you must keep an eye on Gaming Guide Tips’ website. They have been constantly sharing game deals on their website, so there is no better place than checking their website and Twitter for the latest game deals.

Below are some of the alternative sources for the latest game deals:


If you just switched from an X-Box or you regularly switch between the two gaming consoles, then the Raiju PS4 controller is perfect for you. You should note that the controller comes at about 150 dollars which is not particularly cheap but definitely worth every penny.

Sony Dual Shock 4 controller

We would not be quite done if we do not mention one of the most essential accessories. Most PS4 consoles come with only one controller. Considering the poor battery life and the occasional need for multi-player options, an extra controller is a necessity.

The Dual Shock 4 controller is a bit more ergonomic and has more lighting that makes it really cool. Being a stock option, it runs perfectly well with the PS4 and will in no way disappoint you.

Sony PlayStation VR set

It is evident that virtual reality is here to stay and will only get better with time. One of the cheapest VR kits on the market today is the PS VR set. It may be the most expensive PlayStation accessory on this list but it is the most advanced and interesting addition to your gaming experience.

Imagine being inside the game as opposed to playing it on a screen. That is what this virtual reality kit will do. Immersive games such as Skyrim and other mission games are best played using the virtual reality kit. For the avid gamers, nothing beats the virtual reality experience, and you will thank yourself for buying one. It works perfectly well with all PS4 consoles.


There are tons of gaming accessories in the market today all striving for your money. The five PS4 accessories listed above provide great functionality and convenience to totally transform your gaming experience. If you want to spice up your next GTA game, grab one or all of the above. You will not be disappointed.

Easy Ways to Clean your Desktop Both Internally and Externally

Cleaning up our computer’s is something that more often than not is put off for months if not years. To make the task even more daunting, computers need both internal and external cleaning. In simple terms, both the external surfaces of your computer and the files and software that run the system require regular cleaning for optimum performance. If you are clueless about the entire procedure, here are some few tips on how to properly clean your desktop.

Cleaning the surfaces

Obviously, the first thing that you need to do is to shut down your desktop and unplug it from the mains. Failure to do this could lead to some costly damages to your computer or worse still, you could get electrocuted. For most of the external clean up process, all you need is a slightly dampened piece of cloth. This can be used for sturdy surfaces that are hard to damage such as the cases that enclose the internal components.

The screen is particularly sensitive and requires a tad more attention. You should first clean it with a dry piece of cloth from edge to edge to remove dust particles. Then you can use a slightly moist microfiber cloth to wipe it thoroughly. Remember not to apply too much pressure, or you might end up cracking your screen. You can use a solution comprised of water and vinegar so as to remove the tough smudges. While there are many things you should avoid when cleaning your desktop, the most important thing to note is that you should not use any other cleaning solutions.

Another hub for dust particles and small crumbs is the keyboard. The first thing you should do is to blow out or suck the particles from the small spaces in between the keys. A small fan can be used to blow the particles away. A small vacuum also comes in handy if you want to suck in the crumbs. If you have none of this, then you can improvise using a straw to either blow or suck the dust particles. After this, you can clean it using a moist piece of cloth.

All other surfaces and components of your desktop can easily be cleaned using the same process of wiping with a moist piece of cloth.

Cleaning the software programs

This is probably the most important bit of cleaning as it directly affects the performance of your computer. Conversely, it is the most tedious and tiring cleaning you will need to do since most files and programs are hidden and require some fishing. Depending on your operating system, there are some programs to make this task much easier. For instance, in Windows 10, all you need to do is to go to the storage menu and find the list of folders that occupy the largest space. You can then delete the files that are unnecessary or those that take up too much space.

You should also check the apps and features that came preinstalled in your computer. The chances are that you hardly ever use these apps and a lot of space can be created by simply deleting them. The simplest way to clean up your desktop regardless of your operating system is by deleting the files that you do not need. Simply look at all the storage spaces in your computer, and you will definitely get some items that you do not need. Download CCleaner now to fasten up the process.


Taking good care of your desktop could tremendously add to the lifespan of your computer. Regular cleaning of the outside will prevent solid particles from ruining the internal components while cleaning up the software will give you a few extra gigs of space in addition to boosting the performance.

All in all, with the above tips, anyone can quickly and efficiently clean up their desktop for enhanced performance and increased durability.

What You Need to Build a Gaming PC

We would like to create a short guide to help those who want to build their very first gaming desktop. Whether you’re interested in building a gaming desktop for first-person shooter games such as Battlefield 1 or open world games such as Grand Theft Auto V, it’s always highly recommended to build a custom gaming PC if you want to run these games without spending tons of your money.

With the information you’re going to get from this short article, there has never been a better time than now to build your own gaming PC! Not only you get to choose your budget and components of your gaming PC, but you’ll also have the chance to get the experience of building your own gaming PC.

Here are all the parts necessary to build your first gaming desktop:

First, you’re going to need a processor also known as CPU. For this, we recommend Intel Core 7.

Then you’ll need a motherboard that allows you to install your PC components. We recommend the Asus LGA 1150 socket.

Memory is one of the most important components of your gaming PC. Without having enough memory, your gaming PC will likely lag even for just surfing the internet. We recommend having at least 8 GB of RAM.

Graphics card (GPU) is not something we can overlook. In fact, your gaming PC must have a decent graphics card to play games. We recommend Nvidia GTX 980 for this important task.

You will need minimum storage of 1TB hard drive, or you’re going to run of space pretty soon. Games nowadays take 30-50 GBs of your hard drive, so you must make sure your hard drive is big enough to store your games. We recommend Western Digital Black.

You won’t be able to run your gaming PC without the power. We recommend Antec 850 watt modular for your power supply unit.

And of course, without a good case, your gaming PC wouldn’t be complete. We recommend Fractal Design Define R5 for this.